“I made the call to Katy because I was tired, depressed and needed some motivation with making better choices in my diet. My goals were to have more energy, feel more confident in my body and to lose weight. Katy made me realize, I am more than the number on the scale. Katy provided exercises that made me think about my gifts, positive character traits and loving my body. Katy helped me believe in myself again, to see myself in a more positive light. After our 3 month program, I can chose healthier items to snack on and eat, I am exercising more often and I am not obsessing about calories or food! For me, that has been a mindset change and one that has brought more peace in my life. Because of this mindset and making small changes in my diet, I am feeling more energy and feeling better than I have in months. I have gained knowledge to help me grocery shop and to feed my family. Katy also helped me realize balance in my life. I now understand the word moderation and that it is ok to indulge once in awhile.¬†I would recommend Katy as a wellness coach. Katy is very patient with answering questions and explaining how food is helpful to us and how some foods can also be harmful to us. She is full of suggestions and encouragement!!”

-Tracey, Bristol

“I would absolutely recommend Katy’s services to family and friends. She has been great to work with and has changed my life. Anyone looking to clean up eating habits and feel overall better will benefit. Six months seemed like a long time when we first started, but the program has flown by. After completing the program I am overall happier and stress is not as prevalent. I have a new wealth of knowledge when it comes to food. I have cleaned up how I eat, and I do not feel deprived of anything! The weight loss I have experienced has been surprising, but I think the biggest change has been my sweet tooth and my mindset.”

-Six Month Client, South Bend

“I started wellness coaching to gain knowledge about healthy eating as well as develop healthy lifelong habits. Katy helped me reach my goals by breaking down our meetings into manageable¬†segments. The coaching was relatable to my daily lifestyle and very realistic. I would absolutely recommend Katy’s services to family and friends.”

-Three Month Client, South Bend

“I went into coaching thinking this was a way to lose weight, but what I found out was so much more. I began recognizing that I had mental blocks in my ability to be happy (stress, negative self talk, “I can’t do it” attitude, mental fog, feeling overwhelmed). I soon discovered I had to get some other things straight before I could fully focus on weight loss. I changed my attitude, rebuilt my relationship with Christ, started blocking negative thoughts, found new ways to destress and re-centered my happiness. So much has been lifted off my shoulders in this past 6 months. I have the knowledge to live life healthier and continue to work towards my goals one step at a time. I’m a GOAL getter :).”

-Six Month Client, Elkhart